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Developer Cards

Developers Cards are a new way for developers to showcase their experience and contributions to repositories. The primary goal of developer cards is to provide more visibility into how a developer is engaging with various public or private projects.

Over time, we will be adding more flexibility and customization for developers to create personalized cards. We have initially added support for GitHub and will be evaluating adding other VCS vendors in the future

Types of Cards

Cards are embeddable images that contain various information. We will be adding more and more cards to Vaunt as development continues.

Profile Cards

Profile cards summarize contributions and calculate a user experience level.

These cards contain the following information

  • Pull Requests: count of pull requests
  • Reviews: count of pull request reviews
  • Commits: count of commits
  • Issues: count of issues
  • Stars: count of stars earned
  • Contributed to: count of unique repositories contributed to.
  • Level: level based on user experience