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Developer Cards are now available!! Check out our announcement on our blog for more information.

Vaunt can currently be installed as a GitHub Application. We will be adding more installation targets as we begin supporting more platforms with Vaunt.

You can find our application here. We will also be publishing a Market Place listing in the near future to make it easier to find Vaunt, and stay up to date on our development updates.

Authentication and Authorization

Vaunt authenticates as a Github App. You can learn more about GitHub App authentication here.

Below is an example screen for Authorizing Vaunt on your GitHub account and repositories.


We recommend installing Vaunt on all owned repositories. This ensures that your contributions are counted accurately. That said, by default all public contributions will be counted.

We are committed to only leveraging the permissions we need in order for Vaunt to work. We will be continuously evaluating the permissions requested to ensure we are using the least amount of permissions required.



Vaunt can be uninstalled at any time by visiting your app installation settings.

On GitHub, This can be found under Settings->Installations for users and Settings->GitHub Apps for organizations.


Consider joining our discord or following us on Twitter so you do not miss our official launch!